Sangha evening Oct 20: Sister Thieu – Dharma talk ”Point instant reality”

A warm welcome to the sangha evening October 20th at 6.30pm-8pm at zoom, with Sister Thieu from the Finnish sangha. This evening is in English.

Sr. Thieu introduces the evening as follows:

As a beautiful autumn is revealing itself I would like to invite the Sangha to tap into the POINT INSTANT REALITY that has no extension in terms of space and no duration in terms of time.

The theme of Dharmatalk is: POINT INSTANT REALITY.

Object of our guided meditation is: Consciousness, feelings, body, perception as well as our life should not be viewed as a THING but as a process, which is flowing all the time – continuously flowing and evolving. 

It is so nice that we at Glädjens Källa have this contact with Sr. Thieu – a deepening of dharma for all of us!

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About Sr. Thieu
Sister Thieu Nghiem was ordained a nun in the Plum Village Tradition by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1996. She received transmission as a dharma teacher in the tradition in 2001. During the years she lived with the monastic community, she worked both in Plum Village and at the Retreat Center in the United States. She has traveled and taught in the world both with Thich Nhat Hanh and on her own. For a number of years she has lived in Helsinki, where she came as a refugee from Vietnam in 1983. Sister Thieu Nghiem is now continuing her career as a Dharma teacher in Helsinki and other places in Finland and Sweden. Over the years, she has been a strong supporter of Glädjens Källa and has led several much-appreciated retreats in Stockholm.